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I'm Taylor

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Growing up, my Dogwood Heights home was full of young filmmakers. Since my dad trusted my brothers and me to use our good old Lewis Family camcorder, I’ve been a hobbyist filmmaker since I was seven years old! I would strut in our kitchen recreating Shania Twain music videos and my brothers would run around in the neighborhood woods to film their version of The Blair Witch Project.

Fast forward to my ETSU days, while I worked toward my graphic design degree, I was unknowingly expanding my love for videography as in true millennial fashion, Vine (RIP) and Snapchat allowed me to record my friends’ antics.

Traveling around the country after college inspired me to document adventures. "I could do this for a living" I continuously thought to myself as I filmed road trips, Disney park outings, and beach days with friends. I was unsure of how to turn my passion into a service based business until I observed the pros filming my friends' weddings. As a professional bridesmaid (12 weddings and counting, yessir) I had a front row seat to see what a perfect opportunity the role of a wedding videographer could be! Recording sweet unions of fun couples, meeting amazing new friends, AND getting to satisfy my sweet tooth with some cake? Seemed solid to me!

So after years of dreaming, research, and equipment purchases, I finally took the dive into the wedding videography world during the summer of 2019. Since then, over 90 sweet couples have entrusted me with recording their special unions. To expand my video services, I've since began to offer creative branding videos for small business owners and lifestyle videos to preserve moving memories with loved ones.

This is just the beginning of my Heartstrings story and I'm pumped you're here to join in the journey!

When I was in the early stages of filming weddings, I noticed a pattern that there was always a ping in my heart when I witnessed joyful unions. I thought of the phrase "tug on heartstrings" and after a year of juggling with names, I had at long last felt at peace with the name Heartstrings Creative Company.

As I put the "feeling" in ENFJ, my heartstrings are pulled all the time as I tend to focus on the significance of errrrrthang. The three main types of videos I create showcase where my heart is drawn: love stories of sweet couples, creative branding videos of small businesses, and lifestyle videos of your personal lives.

heartstrings /ˈhärtstriNGs/

the deepest emotions or affections

Images by Peter Nelson Photography and Wildfire Hearts Photography

I believe that feelings are meant to be shared and preserved, so what better way than intentional storytelling through video? I’ve got the heart and drive to preserve your tale with a sense of adventure and the occasional bad joke as I joyfully capture your moving memories. 

When I’m not biking, getting distracted by my goofy dog, or dancing like a fool at a folk-rock show, you can find me behind my camera recording meaningful stories. I’m thrilled to extend my videography services to you!