the face behind Heartstrings

When I’m not biking the Tweetsie Trail, getting distracted by a cute dog, or dancing like a fool at a folk-rock show, you can find me behind my camera recording meaningful stories.

I’ve been a hobbyist filmmaker since I was seven years old when I would recreate Shania Twain music videos in my parents’ kitchen! Traveling around the country after attaining an art degree from ETSU inspired me to document my adventures. "I could do this for a living" I continuously thought to myself as I filmed road trips and beach days with friends. Now, I’m thrilled to extend my videography services to you! 

I believe that feelings are meant to be shared and preserved. Through intentional storytelling, I offer videography services fit for your love story, business promo, or personal life. I craft the entire experience to allow you to feel heard, appreciated, and supported through the whole filmmaking journey.

Ready to tell your story? I'll go grab my camera!

I'm Taylor

heartstrings /ˈhärtstriNGs/

the deepest emotions or affections

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Image by Wildfire Hearts Photography

Hi there!

- Heather
September 2019


"At first we weren’t going to have a videographer at our wedding, but I am SO glad we asked Taylor to film! Wedding photos are great, but to be able to see and relive the day through our videos on our anniversary for years to come, to share with family who couldn’t make it, and to show our kids one day really makes it that more special to us!"