We all know that photos are impactful, but adding video to your wedding can bring out even more emotions in the preservation of your big day. With a video of your wedding, you'll get to relive your celebration through movement and audio. Whether it's tearing up when your dad beams with pride as he walks you down the aisle or giggling at your best friend’s fun speech, I'd love to help you preserve those memories through video!

Reliving our big day through our wedding video on our anniversary for years to come, sharing with the family who couldn’t make it, and showing our kids one day makes our video that more special to us!

by Taylor Lewis / April 6, 2020


- The sweet moment when your mom secures your veil in place

- Your brother's tear-jerking reaction to your vows

- The tight embrace of your honey during the first dance

Photos freeze a moment in history, but video unlocks the superpower to truly step back in time and relive a memory. 

- Hear your grandpa's precious prayer uplifting you and your partner

- Relisten to your mother-in-law's sweet words of wisdom

- Laugh at your best friend's hilarious speech that left everyone smiling

- Aunt Debbie putting the final touches on the cake table

- Your grandparents slow dancing to an Etta James tune

- Your little niece sneaking around the corner to shyly taking a peek at you getting your hair done

You've worked hard to make your wedding the vision of your dreams. As you're caught up in the bliss of marrying your love, some sweet moments and gorgeous details may get overlooked because unfortunately, you can't be everywhere on your wedding day. By hiring a videographer, you can catch what you may have missed behind the scenes!

“We felt a peace knowing Taylor was there capturing special moments and details!”

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A "story first" approach with a video adds a layer of depth to your memories. Hearing your vows, toasts, laughs, and excited chatter allows you to relive your wedding day through video by listening to some of your closest loved ones.